Data Collection and Privacy Policy

Data Collection Information

  1. Health and Safety Solutions (NW) Ltd (“us” or “we” from now on) collect the following data from visitors to this website:
    1. Cookies – these are small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. You will have clicked a “Cookie Agreement” on your first visit to the website on any device, and this indicates that you are happy for this to happen. At the bottom of this site you will find a small tab marked “cookies policy” and you can review your acceptance of this at any time. You are also able to adjust the information collected via the “cookie settings” link available in this tab. Please note that if you do not want to allow ANY cookies this site will not function correctly and you should discontinue browsing.
    2. Order information – any information we collect from you during the checkout process including things like your name, business name, email address, phone number and a few other items. We need this information in order to fulfil our contract with you and you will be given a data collection consent checkbox during the checkout process which you must tick in order to indicate your acceptance of this data collection and complete your order. We do NOT collect payment information of any sort. For online payments we use Paypal, and you are forwarded to Paypal before any payment information can be entered. You should review Paypal’s data collection information separately for information on how they handle your information.
    3. Enquiry information – when you complete an enquiry form on the website we need to collect the data you enter in order to properly respond to your query. As with order information, you will be given a data collection consent checkbox during the form submission process which you must tick in order to indicate your acceptance of this data collection and send your enquiry.
    4. Mailing list addition – we may offer the opportunity for you to subscribe to our mailing list, which is operated by Mailchimp. As above, your explicit consent must be given before we add you to our mailing list and any mailings sent via Mailchimp will offer an ‘unsubscribe’ option to allow you to rescind or amend your permission.
    5. User data for analytics and spam protection – our website uses Akismet spam protection and Google reCAPTCHA to identify and isolate traffic, messages or content that are recognised as spam. We also use Google Analytics to to monitor and analyze web traffic and can be used to keep track of user behaviour. You may opt out of Google Analytics tracking here and for further information on how Google process your information you should review their privacy policy here. You can read Akismet’s Privacy Policy here. Please note that Akismet will only access your data if you choose to leave a comment on one of our blog entries.
  2. You have the legal right to request a copy of any data we hold about you. You may do this entering a data access request (click HERE) or by emailing – we reserve the right at our discretion to levy a charge of no more than £10 to cover our administration costs in fulfilling such requests. Requests will be answered within 28 working days of the enquiry, or within 28 working days of payment being received if payment is required.
  3. You have the legal right to rescind any permission you have given for us to collect your data, and/or to request that we remove all of your data from any system that we control. You must do this in writing to  and we will comply with your request within 15 working days of receipt of any such request.
  4. You have the legal right to know if we suffer any security breaches that affect your data. In the event of any data security breach, if your data are affected we will advise you of the breach in writing to the last known email address we have on file for you within 2 working days of us becoming aware of any such breach.
  5. Only you and our website admin team will have access to any of this data. You will not receive unsolicited communication from us unless such communication is necessary for
    1. our execution of a contract, order or course booking from you
    2. advice of a data breach or
    3. compliance with statutory or legal requirements.
  6. Despite the previous clauses we may be required by law enforcement agencies to reveal any of your data that we hold to them. If we are, we will comply with the law to the fullest extent required of us.